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Friday, January 16, 2004

How Many Calories Should you eat to Lose Weight? (from Shape Magazine)
1. Before you figure out where you want to go you have to figure out where you are. For seven days keep track of what you are eating. At the end of 7 days add it all up and divide by 7, now you have a daily average.
2. Find your ideal weight.
got to shape.com/tools/idealweight
3. Figure out how active you are. If you exercise 3 or four times per week for one hour multiple by 15. If you don't work out at all multiply by 13. If you are every day for an hour multiply by 20. THIS IS THE DAILY CALORIE INTAKE YOU ARE WORKING TOWARD. (based on loosing 1/2 to 2lbs per week)
3. How many calories should you cut? Subtract the total from step 2 from you average daily you tallied from week 1. Now for the next 3 weeks cut down your daily calories by one-third this number.

EXAMPLE: Your goal weight is 135 (obviously not my goal weight), you have been exercising at all and your average daily tally during week 1 was 2,665:

135 (goal) x 13 (activity) = 1,755 (daily intake at goal weight)

2,655 (current intake) -1,755 = 900

Cut 1/3 of your daily calories (300 in this example) each week. By week 4 your daily current intake will be the same as your goal intake (1,755)

Oh, that Shape site also has a BMI calculator, calories burned, and a sleep needs calculator.
Personally, I don't need a Shape tool to tell me when I am over tired but whatever works for people.
To help with the counting calories thing check out the Too Easy Gourmet Nutrition Charts


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