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Monday, January 05, 2004

I just now read the Austin American Statesman article. Interesting article....
It appears that they don't really get the show. Or maybe it is just the way it was edited. Well this chick Lindner gets it. I like and agree with what she says here.

Lindner: I look at younger women and I'm like, OK, I feel very different than that, but I don't feel like someone in their 30s feels. That's one reason I like the show: It offers an alternative to being in your 20s or being 35 and married to Raymond.

I am thinking about the comment that in reality they seem like unlikely friends. I guess I agree. All seem to really truly care about Carrie. Although there have been some touching friendship moments between the other characters without Carrie's involvement.
But I also think that is the point. That is why she is the main character. It is almost like Carrie is all of them. I mean Carrie is a sex kitten too. She just wants to be loved like Charlotte. She can be practical and ambitious like Miranda...
A look at Carrie's closest and you will see what I mean....she is like a chameleon her fashion sense if very mercurial.


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