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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

LOST IN TRANSLATION (spoiler warning!)

What did you think about the ending to Lost in Translation?
One of my colleagues loved the ending. Another thought the Hollywood ending was trite and that it should have ended with her stealing his coat and them never connecting.
I admit that the ending was my biggest disappointment in the movie. After Midnight at the Oasis the movie did take a different turn.
I like happy endings so I was OK with it but the ending was my biggest disappointment. I really liked him whispering in her ear but felt a tad disappointed with the length of the kiss. And I did not like how he found her in the crowd...
What I loved was the lack of dialogue and stillness in the film. At first not so much because it has been done before and I expected more of this film going into it. But then I turned because I felt the filming and acting really illustrated the feeling of dislocation coupled with lack of sleep and jet lag.


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