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Sunday, January 04, 2004

Sex And The City!
Today is the start of the end of this incredible show. Unfortunately I don't have HBO, plus I am only on season 5.
This is the only TV show that I have watched on VHS & DVD --that is 3-5 episodes at once. I am sure that is a contributing factor to my love of this show but not much...this is a great show.
You cannot help but get addicted.

The show has 4 amazing, gorgeous, smart and adventurous characters that you just love instantly.
Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha are friends experiencing live together. They are four very different women. What they have in common is how much they love each other and value their friendship. The also love their careers, men, sex, clothes (& shoes) , cocktails, and of course New York City.

Credit and kudos to the writers and directors of this show. The designers, sound people, everyone!. For more on SATC just turn on any news station or pick up Fridays's USA Today or TV Guide. Is it too much? Hell no. These ladies and this show are amazing and they deserve all the publicity they are getting.
Sex in the City quotes (season 1 - mid-season 4)

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