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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Today many are staying home because of the weather. Now I agree. Why the change? The weather has changed. We now have your classic Pacific NW Ice storm ruminants. The sleet just stopped early this morning. This is my 2nd ice storm in Portland but the first one wasn't too bad because it warmed up by noon. Not sure if this will warm up as early because we had such cold weather preceding it.
I took a already planned comp day...needed to be home for a delivery and to prepare for my trip tomorrow am. The airport is a mess right now....those poor people I know I how they feel.
I experienced another ice storm in Atlanta super bowl Sunday weekend. I was only changing planes but we were all stuck. Horrible part is had a job interview that Monday. I made it to interview. Did not get the job.
Thinking I am going to have to go in because my boss will not travel in ice storms but she can work form home so we will have to see....
Don't think my mattress is coming either. Suppose to be here between 8-10:50am. Waiting on that call. Once I figure that out I can start planning my action for the rest of the day.


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