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Friday, January 23, 2004

Water, Water
The other evening I returned home from the gym and got in the shower. My shower was amazing. The pressure and temperature were perfect. More importantly my shower was not interrupted by someone else in the building running water. No loss of pressure or cold blast. The experience was so delightful and therapeutic that I found myself moaning with pleasure. I stayed in the hot water blast for an extra minute or two. I knew I was being indulgent. I rationalized that this shower experience is a rare occurrence in my building, it was my first and only shower of the day and I deserve the experience. Despite that most of my shower experiences are not as pleasurable, I know I am lucky.
-The World Resources Institute (WRI) estimates that 2.3 billion people currently live in "water-stressed areas." Hydrologists cite much of Africa, northern China, pockets of India, Mexico, the Middle East and parts of western North America as regions facing severe water shortages.
Source: E Magazine: The Environmental Magazine, Sep/Oct2003, Vol. 14 Issue 5, p32, 2p, The World's Water Crisis by Howard, Brian


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