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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Blog or Not?
Sleepy Ramblings...

I have noted that many bloggers have an entry about the lifespan of their blog. Should they continue? Or an entry saying sorry I have not blogged in awhile.
The trend in blogging is not to blog.
It seems many people actually started their blogs with a purpose. Lynne's has never had a specific purpose. In the very, very beginning lynne's was a testing place for learning the software. Most know it doesn't take much skill.
I could not just stop there, that would be silly. I wanted to be cool, to be able to say I have a blog. (clearly i am so 15 minutes ago). My next non-specified purpose was to have fun and to document thoughts and observations. I am still at that stage. I don't document as much. I write more in my pen and paper journal then I did before, and that is a good thing.
Lynne's can be a chore sometimes but only when I actually spend time thinking what to post and what not to post. This is not one of those times. Goodnight.


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