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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Cars, Cars, Cars
Ben recently advocated for a new show called Stealing Rides. The show would be a spin off to Trading Spaces. Ben also has a blog on his car and a car archive.
I could give other examples of car obsession but I keep getting distracted with my own thoughts and feelings on the dam things. I don't care about the latest gaget in a car but I like some modern day advances, like rear window defrost. Clearly I no longer feel the need to drive them much. My 1997 Geo Prism just reached 35K miles.
I started this post thinking that I view cars as a functional piece of equipment and that I needed someone to explain to me this obsession. I realized that I think of cars and driving as better than just functional.
My car helps me get places I need to go. It holds things. I cherish the independence driving gives. I love driving on an open road with music, sunshine and a breeze. I would love to drive on an open road with music, sunshine, and breeze in a convertible. But that is just it. Those moments are gone from day to day living.
There are very few open roads in daily living. There are many slippery roads. And scary bridges and sharp corners. There are other cars. Cars with drivers in them. And so many dangers. I have been up close and personal with death on the road. Even before that experience I have witnessed and heard enough bad shit on the road. I now view driving and cars as a huge responsibility.
I am happy to leave the driving to someone else.


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