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Friday, March 26, 2004

Feeling The Love
Caught some of the Howard Stern Show this morning while driving to an errand (new rental through Hertz!). Howard was interviewing Sammy Hager. Seems Sammy is joining Van Halen again this summer for a tour. There was much talk about the past and worry for Sammy in the future. One caller said Sammy sucked but mostly it was a very pro-Hager interview. Sammy was a good guest. I was a tad excited listening to him and surprised for a moment that I was. Then I said duh, I liked Sammy back when he was screaming I Can’t Drive 55 on MTV when I was a teen. He has curly hair, he has red hair, he loves tequila, and he sounds like a great guy. He voice is sexy, I just wanted him to keep talking. Everything he said was good. Not a negative thing --except that he needed to go back to sleep. He was very classic West Coast.
It was good radio.


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