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Monday, March 01, 2004

Happy March!
Spring is coming. The daphne bush is blooming. Birds are chirping. I am waking up before 7am - but only because we have yet to "spring ahead" and gasp! there is no cloud cover! A good morning indeed.

March also means SXSW. I have been monitoring the SXSW free party scene; I am starting to get excited. If I was cool and in the know I would have a wristband, but I am not, I do not. I drop in once in awhile to soak up the vibe & the fine music.
Finally visited Lil Deb's web site. What a treat it was. I went there not because I know her, I do not. Her site has been in Yahoo Groups as an organized place for the free gigs. I did not know that she posts all this Guitartown info. Fun to see the photos posted from 2002. The photos prompted me to search my email for this entry that I wrote in 2002 after a bit of music, beer, and sun.

Wednesday, March 13, 2002

beaver nelson
2 dollar portols
loose diamonds

all at the Opal Divine's on 6th st. club just before
met great people.
table from Eng.
man with sword who turned out to be walter.
man with yellow shirt and cowboy hat.
men downstairs that sqirted me with lime
talked to Jake (jacob) first talk at suffolk law
school. livedd in Cambridge same time connie and i
brother ben they are russian and scottish.
live in Seattle, other seattle crowd was Jen, and
Dana came over to say hi. his friend is michael from
Jenn was women in window.
red hair waitress with curly red hair and tatoo that
was delicate but not girlie.-
man who looked fimialr married and a journalist went
to Michigan state and works for mid west paper...no
probably do not know him.
man that looks like matt but older and heavier if matt
still had his curly locks that was up on balcony when
connie and i just saw him downstairs...maybe a
three beers?
Dana...??? should i see him play at 1:00am.
gave me business card. use to be in loose diamonds.
michael annunciation???
go now to talk to connie and eat.

A few mis-spellings. Band is actually Two Dollar Pistols.

Seattle Stevie is Stevie Zoom of KEXP; I started listening to him and the station after SXSW 2002, still listening. Did not go see Dana at 1:00 because we had lost all energy around midnight. Did meet him for a beer last year, he looks great. It is always cool to meet people who are basically strangers, but not really, when travelling....but that is a whole other blog posting. He was off to England last time we communicated, suspect he is back now. Never did go to the Experience Music Project and ask for Jen. Plan of going to museum next Seattle visit...maybe next month.
Most people head to Austin in March for SXSW. Like 2002 I am headed to Austin to see a friend, experiencing SXSW is an added bonus. In fact this trip was suppose to be in February and it was suppose to happen in Vegas!
One day I might be truly hip and cool and head to Austin in March to experience SXSW in its full form plus see friends. Nah...


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