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Saturday, March 20, 2004

Mac Austin
Sitting here thinking what to post. I am out of my element; at a friends computer in Austin, Texas using a Mac. I leave Austin today. As always the trip is/was worthwhile. I think I will save the highlights and random babble for my journal...even though I forgot to bring.
General things to expand on later. The intricacies of friendship. And I can no longer remember what I was going to say...I am easily distracted by friend and her kitties.
The highlights were (based on company, vibe, fun, talent): Mark Mallman, The Ponys, Marah (Robyn Hitchcock surprise guest), Dolly Varden.
Also enjoyed The Swells, Slaid Cleaves, Snow Patrol.
Purchased only one CD - the ponys. Sweet band from Portland Maine (I do not see how to create links, italics, etc. using the Mac). Others will probably come later.


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