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Thursday, March 11, 2004

Music Therapy
I don't always listen to music while getting ready for work. I rarely listen to a CD. Today I did, because, well just because. Harry Nilsson was my selection and he was the perfect choice. I think it was during Driving Along that I realized I was once again experiencing a complete mood change. Instant smile and appreciation. It is hard to explain but every time it happens I am truly surprised. It doesn't matter that I have been there before.
I find the experience profound and enlightening. Its pure energy.

This evening I found something I wrote for a class back in November, 1987 (warning, not an A paper)
This past Sunday at 5:00 I went to the Museum of Science and saw the laser show in the planetarium with friends. I had a feeling of excitement as I walked into the planetarium because I never had been to a laser show before. When we were all seated they told us that the show is not computerized, but done by a laser artist, live! That gave me a feeling of more excitement to know that I could go a hundred times and see a different show every time.
After a short introduction, the lights dimmed and the audience applauded. The ceiling transformed into a night sky filled with stars. Classical music filled the room and four laser circles appeared in the sky, all displaying a different color. The lasers blended with every bit of music. When a cute little beat came so did a cute little laser dancing along with the music. The more vibrant the music, the more vibrant the laser. It was sign language by laser in different shapes and sizes.
I watched the show in awe. As time passed I was becoming hypnotized by this awesome sight combined with classical music. Although I never hated classical musical, I also did not take the time to really listen and to appreciate it. The show was complete therapy for me. I was so tranquil, so at peace with myself. I left the planetarium leaving all of my anxiety behind. It was the best I had felt in over a week. I would recommend this therapy to anyone.
Some insight as to why I am offended that people are offended that Paul Allen created the Music Experience Project.


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