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Friday, March 26, 2004

Not enough Love
My friend MD strongly believes that children should be sheltered. I haven't dared to ask MD if read about Tucker's life.

It is not easy to read about Tucker's life. To see his photo in the paper with a bruise on his face and a "smile". In this photo Tucker, 5, sits next to J.R. a 3 year old boy. Investigators had believed JR was the cause of that bruise and the many other bruises. Tucker's 35-pound body had over 70 bruises and scrapes when he entered the emergency room, his arm had been broken 5 times. Tucker is dead.

My whole body reacts. I weep. I want to vomit. I want to scream! This sweet, sweet, innocent boy. The school principle does not blame the child welfare system she says that people took her calls seriously and did what they could - Bullshit! Bull Fucking Shit! The job of the child welfare system is to protect children! To preserve families if they can. They did not question that Tucker's attacker was a 3 year old boy even as his injuries intensified...literary they did not even question the 3 year old!
"Brown, a veteran education, looked at J.R. -- a head shorter than Tucker and without a scratch on him."
"Christine Stetzer, who noticed a bruise on Tucker's neck shaped like an adult thumb. 'I thought to myself, that looks like somebody squeezed his neck, Stetzer later testified....By the time a child protective services worker arrived seven days later, Tucker had a broken arm."

Wasco County DA said it well "The witness who spoke the loudest was Tucker himself."


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