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Saturday, March 20, 2004

The Ponys and Pissed Off
Back in my own element. Why am I on the computer instead of being out and about doing the things I want to do like food shopping, etc? Because someone (not me) fucked up my Enterprise reservation and I am without a car during the only part of the week I really use a car.
Adding to the irritation was the lack of skills present to deal with the problem. Not one person was helpful,...granted I was visibly irritated and annoyed but also equally surprised that not one person displayed empathy. Not one smile or reassuring word, just blank faces. Not one acknowledgement that hey we realized someone made a big mistake. Where has customer service gone? Is it not the task of customer service to offer solutions when problems arise?
Thankfully my Green Cab driver was a nice and understanding man.
Here is that link to The Ponys web site. Check them out, this band deserves your attention.


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