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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Revenge of the Librarians -- Could They be the New 'It' Girls?


"The Lipstick Librarian is the alter ego of Linda Absher, a librarian with a major thing for Blahniks and moisturizing lip treatments. Not one to be caught dead in a cardigan, the Lipstick Librarian refuses to believe that librarians must be dumpy, frumpy women in Birkenstocks and bad perms. In fact, LL insists the library could be a boon to one's cosmetic collection. In the website's "Beauty Tips n' Helpful Hints" page, aspiring cataloguers will be enlightened with the following advice: "Get rid of that nasty shiny-nose problem using books that haven't been checked out since the Nixon Administration. Simply flip the pages back and forth in front of your face for that sophisticated (though gray) matte finish."

Says Absher, "I've always felt an affinity with those wise-cracking women in screwball comedies, particularly Rosalind Russell and Eve Arden. The ur-goddess of smart-mouthed women was Kay Thompson in Funny Face." So why choose librarianship instead of beauty school? "I have a short attention span and an almost genetic need to be the uber-smarty-pants in a group. If you have those characteristics, you'll make an excellent reference librarian." She brushes off the idea that librarians are shy, retiring types. "Have you ever seen a group of librarians at a bar? The carnage is unbelievable!" she laughs. "[People assume] librarianship is the secular nunnery of professions; it's as if we've taken a vow of shushing once we've received our degree."
(Excerpt from: Kat Long, "Revenge of the Librarians," Bust 27, Spring 2004).

Smoking Hot - Go Linda!!


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