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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I was off celebrities for only one week, if that!
Not that I am reading People and InStyle right now but I did watch the Charlie's Angels TV movie last night. AND even though I was annoyed with Yahoo In The News for having Oprah Winfrey named to best-dressed list I clicked the link and read the story! Plus I then followed a thread about Liv Tyler!
In honor of my sad lapse, here is this week's quiz:

Which male celebrity are you going to marry?
brought to you by Quizilla

Lynne's Results...

Will Turner is the caring young man from pirates of the caribbean. he will adore you till the day that he dies
You are going to Marry Orlando Bloom. He will
always treat you right and is very romantic. He
will do anything for you. He is very polite and
has deep brown eyes and is very good looking
(which is another plus!). He can make anything
cheesy look really hot(like sliding down stairs
on a shield shooting arrows or wearing pointy
ears for example). Congrats!!

Sounds nice....Orlando Bloom was my man both times I took the test. Orlando is a bit young for me. I was hoping for Keanu, Matt McConaughey, Gary Dourdan,or even Matt Damon (love that smile).

I look forward to the day when I can once again speak about politics, how I am offended that people are offended that Paul Allen created the Music Experience Project instead of giving the money to children, the much needed update to Timberline Lodge, and Kerry's campaign fighting boredom.


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