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Sunday, April 04, 2004

7 Reasons to Love YOUR Body...

1. Because you will regret not loving it later. When you're 75 you are going to look at the 50-year-old you and see a smokin' hot babe.

2. It floats!

3. Because poor body image and takes up too much of your valuable energy.
Aren't finding a cure for AIDS, intellectual freedom, world peace, feeling the wind through your hair as you bike down that hill, soaking in hot springs, listening to the Jayhawks, and lifting a glass with family & friends all more important than letting your shape get you all bent out of yours?

4. Because your gluteus maximus is suppose to be the largest muscle in the human body.

5. Because, as we all know, confidence is a huge part of sex appeal.

6. Because you need to teach your daughter, niece, sister, cousin to love hers.

7. Because your body can be an incredible source of strength and wonder. Even when you don't think it can. It can surprise you and let you run across that finish line even after you have called in various bad names....yes, really!


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