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Friday, April 23, 2004

Caused me to Pause & Nod

The Confessions of Chris Rock by Neil Strauss. Rolling Stone. Apr 29, 2004. , Iss. 947

Can you believe there is no Rage Against the Machine? There is no Public Enemy? There's no Arrested Development? No one is talking about anything. Nobody young gives a fuck. The only people that even mention that there is a fucking war are, like, me and Al Franken? It's a fucking sad time for art. Art is dead, man.
We are at fucking war, people are fucking broke, mothers are killing their kids, and the welfare thing is going on. And everyone is singing, "Everybody in the club getting tipsy." It's fucking insane.

I realize I am the sole political columnists in America who thinks the term "elitist" is a compliment. But I think the rest of you need to realize we what's going on here. This is a huge country, and the great mass of people within it are, by definition, not extremely bright. Our leaders must be, however. It does us no good to pretend that they are like the rest of us.
Paul Mulshine ,Star-Ledger columnist.


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