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Friday, April 02, 2004

James Jahar Perez the 28 year old man shot by the Portland police had an extremely high level of cocaine in his system. It should be noted that the ME's office stated the cocaine was ingested shortly before his death, so its unclear whether he had swallowed it as police approached. (there was also evidence of marijuana in his system)
Perez was shot 3 times, one in the arm, twice in the chest. Perez died from a shot to the chest.
The NAACP calls for a U.S. Justice Dept. Investigation into policies and practices by the Portland Police Bureau.
My car is now parked outside my building. It is a bit louder than before, has a noticeable new vibration.
It looks great.

Bentos are big in the Pacific NW. I finally had my first bento today, octopus and sea veggies with brown rice from BC2 -- very yummy.


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