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Thursday, April 08, 2004

Now I know why I did not do my taxes before. How could I have enjoyed my Austin trip as much as I did if I knew I would have to fork over so much money to the county?
Well, I knew in the back of mind, that is why I have been procrastinating. What I did not know was the amount. I usually do my taxes in February. I sent in my federal tax return the last week of March. Today I sent in the state. The county is just going to have to wait until April 15th because I don't have that kind of money hanging around.
My 3 day weekend first week of May to a place yet to be determined (Newport, Seattle, Malibu, San Diego) doesn't look promising anymore...

Note to Lynne: Watch your charitable donations in 2004.

Who was not glued to the radio or television during Condoleezza Rice's testimony ?


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