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Friday, April 09, 2004

Some Sense of Relief
A teenager convicted of raping a jogger at the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge last September was sentenced to just over 18 years in prison today.
My first thought was "I am so happy". Then I felt bad because he was only 15 when he committed this crime. Then I was reminded of the crime. Then I was reminded of his juvenile record...

This crime shook me when it happened. It shook me because I felt fear. Fear coupled with that emotion that comes once you are made aware the criminals were 15 years old.
I don't know what that emotion is. Possible it is not an emotion. More so its the awareness of their ages that automatically heightens all emotions. The memory, the fear, the emotions associated with a violent juvenile crime seem to linger longer.

I would be remiss if I did not also say that this crime lingers too. Rape is a very violent act that is hugely personal and harrowing.
This woman was out jogging on a popular trail at 3 pm. The teens were in the parking lot when she arrived and parked her car at the trailhead. Of course, she did not think anything of it. The boys met up with her on the trail. A deputy DA said the teenagers signaled her out because she was young and attractive.

Higgens was prosecuted in adult court for first-degree rape, kidnapping, sodomy, sexual abuse, unlawful sexual penetration and second-degree robbery.

Booth did not face Measure 11 charges because he was the “look out”. He did testify against Higgens and was sentenced to 5 years in prison for kidnapping and robbery.


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