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Friday, April 16, 2004

Why Then?

Today in my morning paper I read the following quote:

"I'm having a tough time adapting to today's Wal-Mart/McDonald's mentality. I travel across the country on business and places like this are disappearing. You can't tell one town from another anymore."

What this man speaks of is something I hear a lot, not occasionally, but a lot. I have the same problem with radio stations. So why is it happening? Is it really happening everywhere? Are the cities and the towns of the U.S. getting priced out by big business? Is it that the average consumer doesn't buy local? Should the cities and towns that avoid big business be the model? Or are they just revitalizing their downtowns to one class of or one segment of people?
Robert D. Atkinson vice president of the Progressive Policy Institute, was quoted in the Boston Globe as saying the smart growth movement has been "hijacked by environmentalists and liberal elitist who want everyone to live in a place like the lower East Side of Manhattan. It's a social engineering agenda that uses the environment as a stalking horse."

Are smart growth, architecture, and planning the same as revitalization?

Citation for Globe article: "Sprawl, Livability Called Voter Issues" Conservatives intensify opposition to smart growth programs Boston Globe (12/18/01) P. B6; Flint, Anthony


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