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Saturday, May 15, 2004

Back from Break
I am still annoyed with my erased history. I will deal with it later.
Needed to post some links and comments in response to the flow of questions related to news happenings in the Pacific NW.

What's happening with this Madrid bomber suspect?
As you know there was a leak out of Spain. The feds are proceeding as if the leak did not happen. The witness statute is a powerful tool.

I don't feel like talking about it yet, but here are some thoughts...
These guys have increased their immaturity to increase their ratings. The Marconi Show, in my opinion, has not been listenable for some time now.
I believe in limits. I think suspensions and firings are justifiable in certain situations.
I support free speech and intellectual freedom.

Leonard Pitts is the Man
Not NW related but read his column anyway. (registration required)
Maybe the beheading of Nicholas Berg will shut them up...


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