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Friday, May 07, 2004

News events are still monopolizing my days.

Yesterday I got a mini midday respite from the torture atrocities but only because other news came front in center here in Portland Oregon.

Yesterday started off with talks of the Starbucks firebomb. Then the latest photos of Pfc. Lynndie England became public (dragging prisoner around by a leash). Seeing that photo prompted me to say, "she is going to commit suicide".
My comment prompted another person to ask about when, if at all, we have seen a woman behaving like England has. Salon addresses that issues today with How could women do that? Female soldiers were supposed to be a civilizing influence on the military. Then came Abu Ghraib. The article is a bit weak or more likely it was given an inappropriate headline.

When I made the suicide comment it was thought that I was speaking of the 14 year old. The Goldschmidt sex scandal that broke yesterday is mind blowing for many people in this city. To me not so much because I did not live back here when he was king. Still it is tragic. The grown up 14 year old has understandably been plague with various emotional problems.
Just when I was getting use to that story we all hear via Newsweek that a local man, Brandon Mayfield, has been detained because they have evidence he was connected to the bombing in Madrid!
Fortunately no new stories happened today but many follows to the above mentioned. I found myself verbally rallying with certain senators today as they questioned Rumsfeld.