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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Did Somebody Say Carbs?

Last week I have the privilege of eating pasta. Too much time had passed since I had cool fresh pasta salad with fresh vegetables, or linguine with just a hint of butter, salt and pepper.

Shame on me.

Pasta has fallen victim to the America's latest food frenzy. The previous frenzy, the low fat diet, worshipped pasta. Guess what? We were eating too much of it.
One dinner serving of pasta is less than 2 cups, closer to one cup - restaurants portions are usually double if not triple that. I am not saying the Atkins, South Beach, The Zone are bad or that the 90's Food Pyramid (aka lowfat) is good. I am saying that pasta deserves a place in most diets.

The Mediterranean people have been eating pasta for years with great results. Whole wheat pasta adds fiber to your diet. Enriched white pasta is a good source for folic acid. Worried about the glycemic index? Don't be. It is less than half that of rice or potatoes. Plus it is economical, versatile, and delicious.

Mangia, Mangia!


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