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Saturday, June 19, 2004

I am pleased with Database Nation by Declan McCullagh mainly because it is refreshing to read the positives of open public records. For far too long the news media, legislators, and Hollywood have voiced all that can or could go wrong with open public records. Truth is most of the brouhaha is caused by fear, lack of information or perspective and illegal activity.
That said, What the hell is this?

Most of us know people who misuse their credit cards through holiday spending sprees or random acts of profligacy. But millions of us do not; we use credit cards because they're safer and more convenient than carrying thick wads of dollar bills. Cash is dirty and carries germs. It can be ripped or torn accidentally.

Seriously?! That line annoyed me so much that it ruined the the rest of the article. I started to feel manipulated and plasticky.



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