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Friday, June 11, 2004

Pharmacists for Life?

Karen Brauer, who says she was fired by Kmart in 1996 for refusing to fill a birth-control prescription and is now president of Pharmacists for Life, says such laws are needed.

Ms. Bauer firing was the correct thing to do. Every other pharmacist should also be disciplined. These refusal pharmacists reason against doing their job because of their beliefs.
PLEASE! Get a new job! Who are they to push personal beliefs on the customer? Such behavior is ridiculous and irresponsible.

As a pharmacist aren't they aware of all the reasons a doctor can prescribe the pill for? Not that I am saying it is OK to refuse to dispense birth control to control births. -- I am not.

I cannot understand this at all. These "Pharmacists for Life" better stay out of mine.


Pisses me off too! I think I am going to have this made into a bumper sticker.
"Pharmacists for Life better stay out of mine."

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