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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Courthouse Visitor
I am sitting here in jury duty. Feeling a bit uncomfortable only because once I again I not fully prepared. Yesterday I was forgot my phone, aka clock, and water. I chose not to bring my laptop because I wanted at least one day away from the computer. Today I remembered water, my phone and I brought my laptop. Listening to my itunes and also brought a DVD – Spirited Away. Since I was called for a jury yesterday (but not picked) I figure the odds are in my favor that I will not be called today. In fact, no one has been called yet.
Anyway, I am uncomfortable because some how I neglected to put the extra shirt that I thought I put in my bag in my bag.
See I packed up a backpack and walked here. Now I am sitting here in a very thin J-crew t-shirt that is still damp from the sweat –lovely huh?
Ouch. My arm is sore just from typing this little bit. Time to stretch. By the way, the time is 10:10am.

Update: I purchased a new shirt during lunch break. AND it is a white button shirt. I think we all need at least one white button shirt. I haven't had one in awhile because they wear so quickly and I am pickey, but now I have one. Also picked up a new pretty scarf for my head.
I have been wearing lots of scarves and do-rags my head this year.


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