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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Tolls better than Taxes?!

"Taxes aren't the answer," said Federal Highway Administrator Mary Peters...
Peters prefers such approaches as a 511 number people can call for traffic information, better coordination of traffic signals, faster notification of emergency help, lanes with tolls for those willing to pay and cooperative arrangements to encourage private investment in transportation.
When I read the toll argument I cringe at their every mention of free road.
When did free road become a bad thing?

The argument is it's only fair for those who use the road to pay for the roads. We are a mobile society. We (drivers, passengers)all use the roads. I don't view tolls a fair option at all, users end of paying for two roads while using one. I highly doubt the existing taxes are going away. Unless you add tolls to every road, rural and urban, then maybe it would be fair but how does that ease congestion if you constantly have to stop and pay a toll?

What is that you say? Oh, not all roads? Just a few chosen roads for those people willing to pay. That doesn't sound like a solution to me. It sounds very disturbing.


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