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Friday, August 13, 2004

Friday Night Flicks

I love Netflix. I hate Netflix. Last year when I had my tonsils out, I signed up for Netflix’s free 2-week trial. Watching movies was a great way to pass time, especially when I did not have the energy to do anything else. I promptly cancelled after the trial. My reasons for canceling were many.

$20 is a lot to spend in one month on movies. I did not spend nearly that much at Hollywood Video. Many people say the late fees are what get them, that was just not a problem for me. In addition, Portland, Oregon is such a movie town. We have tons on indie theater houses here. For under $10 you can see great movies have a slice and a beer, plus your out interacting with the human race! My favorite indie house is the Laurelhurst Theater.

Recently I signed up for another free trial to Netflix because I wanted to get the latest episodes of SATC. I have not cancelled. My reasoning after I finished watching SATC was - it is summer. The networks are not offering much this summer except crappy, crappy reality television, and since I don’t have cable...

All that is great but I still feel like a lazy ass sitting around my house watching movies. Last night I compromised and watched a DVD outside on my balcony, what a treat that was. One more month, maybe two...

Lynne’s top 3 so far (rent one tonight!):

Mystic River
Spirited Away
Dogtown and Z-Boys

My SATC substitute is Six Feet Under. Nip/Tuck will possibly follow.


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