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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Follow Ups

MusicfestNW - Our music choices on Saturday were not as good as hoped. I did see Dearest,Crown but I did not enjoy their sound, they did not speak to me. I did enjoy Jimmy Maks - good space. Also liked what I heard of the band that was playing before Dearest, Crown. I had wanted to check out more of them but the group decision was to try and see another band first. That other band was not worth our visit. The good band I am speaking of is Celilo. Happy to learn that they are based in Portland, I look forward to seeing them again. The Swords, another Portland based band, were a treat. By the time The Wrens were on I was too tired to get all fired up, but K and H totally rocked out.

Hitchcock - Thanks to all who responded to my North By Northwest remake question. Here is who you think should be play the 21st century Roger Thornhill:

George Clooney (3)
Colin Farrell (2)
Dylan McDermott 2)
Tom Cruise (1)
Jude Law (1)
Harrison Ford w/ Calista Flockhart (1)
Mel Gibson (1)
Denzel Washington (1)
Chris Noth (1)
Tom Selleck (1)
Hugh Grant (1)
Harry Connick Jr. (1)
Bruce Willis (1)


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