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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Hitchcock's North by Northwest
It appears I am the only one who does not think North by Northwest is a 5-star film. Don’t get me wrong. The score is top notch. The opening credit sequence is brilliant. I found most scenes memorable; they are filled with gorgeous colors and lots of style. My problem is with Cary Grant.

Grant and his voice annoyed me through the first half of the film. I kept thinking who could have been better cast? It was the auction scene was when I first started to believe this man was Roger Thornhill and not Cary Grant.

Eva Marie Saint, James Mason, and Martin Landau were superbly cast.

Possible it was the visible 20 year age difference between Eve Kendall and Thornhill? Not sure. Grant was 55 years old when he played this role, and at times looked it. His mother looked only about 5 years older than him (turns out he was 10 months older than her!). I think Thornhill was supposed to be in his 40’s. Saint was 35, her character was 27.
I remember liking Grant in To Catch a Thief and in The Philadelphia Story.

**This is surely a strong contender for a remake. Who do you think should play Thornhill? Send me a message and I will post the results later.**


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