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Sunday, September 26, 2004

I was introduced to Edward Weston in the early 1990’s while taking a photography history course in college. Weston had just a couple of pages dedicated to him in my textbook.
I can’t remember if the Weston exhibit at the MFA came before or after we reached that part in the textbook. I think we were required to attend the exhibit, and as part of our assignment we had to write a paper on a photograph. The exhibit was a new experience for me, it was fresh and modern, not anything like the classic art I had experienced in Europe. I remember spending a lot of time viewing the photographs. The print that I reacted to the most, and the one I wrote about was Exposition of Dynamic Symmetry, 1943.
If you asked me 3 weeks ago what that photograph was I would not have been able to tell you. I never seemed to come across that photograph again. I looked for it but was never successful. Sure, I have seen the dunes, the peppers and the nudes countless times but never my photograph.
Just last week I attended a Weston exhibit at the Portland Art Museum. I was so excited to see this exhibit. And of course I was excited at the possibility of seeing my photograph again. I wanted to see if I still felt a connection to it. Unfortunately, it was not there.
…I am getting really tired and will just have to finish this post later.


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