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Saturday, September 11, 2004

MusicfestNW started on Thursday night. I skipped the Thursday night happenings but ventured out last night, along with "W" and "M" to enjoy some music. As with SXSW the bands seem to get more enjoyable as the evening progresses.

Bands we saw: Sidestar, The Gossip, Tea for Julie

Peskiest moment: the frickin' minutes it took for someone to go through my purse at the Roseland theater. This lady was thorough, even opened all my lipstick. I have been through courthouses and many airports through the years and no one has looked at my stuff with such interest.

Best Band: The Gossip and Tea for Julie were great fun I would see them both again.

Random moment: While walking back to Kelly's Olympian "W" somehow brought up these 2 guys I was dating two years ago at the same time. Haven't seen one of them in over a year. When we arrived at Kelly's there he was doing the Rock the Vote thing. But he did not seem to recognize me. I had to tell him, hey, this is Lynne here! He was truly embarrassed, etc. When I checked my email this morning I had an 8 paragraph message from him...something about not use to being out in dark smoky bars and seeing so many faces while gathering signatures, etc., etc.

Should probably take a nap now to get ready for tonight's bands. Hope to start tonight 6pm, so I can see the girl rock bands playing at the Crystal Ballroom. The 10-year-old band leader of The Ready is a daughter of someone I know. Also hope to see Dearest, Crown and have to see "K"'s favorite, The Wrens at 1am.

And of course in between it all I hope to do what I did on Sept. 11, 2002 and Sept. 11, 2003.
Peace 'all.


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