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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

My Absence
I haven't been posting for 3 reasons.
-My Mom was visiting from New England. She left this morning. I am a bit delirious right now. I need sleep.
-I tried, but each time the post got erased - too bad because one was brilliant (the other two were not). Not sure why my posts kept disappearing but I think it had something to do with linking to a trackback url on Suburbanblight (the Mobile post). Obviously I was doing something wrong.
-Haven't had much to say, or maybe not much to share...

Took the day off to get my shit back together. Already did a load of laundry and emptied the trash. Have to return my free PAM pass today before I get in trouble. Really need to go grocery shopping.
First, I need to take a nap. I need to take one now. Have to achieve all the above and more, plus be good company when I meet D at La Calaca Comelona for "fun cocktails".
See, I told you, not much to say, but now you know.


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