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Friday, October 22, 2004

Awful Things Happen to Good People
Sad story. My heart truly goes out to Victoria Snelgrove's family.
My heart feels an extra sting because as an Emerson alum, I also would visit Fenway Park to catch a Sox game, not to party, but to be part of the experience. I was acting as fans act.

I don't want to place blame on the police because I am sure the officer feels just awful. He appeared (based on what I have read so far) to be using the non-lethal devices as he was trained to do.

I do question the limited reaction by Mayor Menino and the police comissioner. An alcohol ban should be put out on the table, it needs to be discussed, but I can't envision a full ban happening. The closet thing I could see happening is what Aerosmith demanded be the rule at their concerts - that is, stop serving alcohol while the game is in play. Alcohol could still be served before the game and by surrounding private businesses. I also don't think banning news media from private establishments that welcome the media into their place of business will stand up in court.

A more appropriate response would be to call a temporary ban on the use of plastic balls filled with pepper spray, at least while Snelgrove's death is still being investigated.
Boston Police Commissioner Kathleen O'Toole said police are considering discontinuing them. Considering? These devices should be banned immediately. The department policy that is currently in place regarding the use of these devices needs to seriously be examined. And once that examination is over the Police Commissioner should relay the findings to the public in a clear and concise matter.
I do give kudos to Commissioner O'Toole for these words: "While I firmly and emphatically accept responsibilities for any errors, I also condemn in the harshest words possible the actions of the punks [Wednesday] night who turned our city's victory into an opportunity for violence and mindless destruction."
Still not good enough. Someone needs to step up here.


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