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Friday, October 15, 2004

Bad Advice
Today MSN is featuring a piece about women who intimidate the men they are trying to date.

OK, there are some nice tips here -

Don’t let your conversation focus heavily on your accomplishments at work. Rather, focus on mutual interests such as family, films, books or pets ...

But not here, WHAT IS THIS?! -

And about your job title? Consider downplaying it on the first few dates. If you are president of a real estate company, you can simply tell him that you “sell real estate.”

That is bullshit. Why should any woman have to lie about her career if she is proud of it? I believe I can offer a better suggestion -
Feel free to tell your date, if you wish, what you do for a living, just don't dwell on it. Be curious about the other person. Ask questions and create conversation out of mutual interests.

What do I know? I don't make a living, as the author of this piece does, giving advice.


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