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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Loose Ends - Canines, Nuts & Stern
I was just going through some earlier posts and came across things I never followed up on.

Forgot to let you all know that Ben won! Who is Ben? Ben is the canine I posted about in May.

May was also when my beloved raw almonds from Trader Joe's were recalled. They STILL have not come back to Trader Joe's.

Back in my February archives I had posted what Jeff Jarvis had to say about Howard Stern and Clear Channel. Here is what he said:

- Stern will engineer his firing from Viacom.
- Stern will sign with satellite, giving satellite the boost it needs to become a viable business.
- Buy satellite stock now. Sell radio stock now.
- Broadcast radio will quickly falter, losing attention to MP3s, satellite, and cellular broadcast. Broadcast radio will die. Consolidation won't kill it. Censorship will.
- Satellite will grow rapidly, getting more consumer revenue and ad revenue.
- Cable and satellite TV will grow.
- The bottom line: Any medium that can be government-regulated will shrink; any medium free of government regulation will grow.

Stern in the news today.

OK, that is enough. I now have to go groove to some fine music from a CD that I thought was lost.


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