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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Time to get Political
I don't normally get political on this blog. It just is not something I choose to expose in myself. Sure, I talk about some political sensitive issues but really not about Bush v. Kerry. Most past posts of these two men tend to be balanced observations. Today I am getting a bit more personal. Why? Because I am getting tired of those who keep saying they don't know where Kerry stands because he flip-flops.
The same could be said about those who say Bush smiles and makes faces when he should not and stumbles his words.
If you are against Bush or Kerry please be more articulate in your reasoning than a stumbler and a flip-flopper.
You can thank Ms. Lori for being the springboard of my rant, specifically the "Pfft" post (that I cannot seem to track back to). She is right in saying these mantras are getting so freaking old, but I think that definition needs to expand to both sides.


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