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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Feeling a touch of Sadness

(written last night at 8:54pm)
In Oregon, incumbents rule. Nationally, I am saddened. One positive spark is that all places where I have lived continue to vote for who I believe in and what I stand for.
If I am not making sense that is because I have had two whiskey sours tonight before dinner.
I have become such an alcohol wimp. Damn diet.

(written and posted this morning)
I am still sad, even more so because I just heard John Kerry phoned George Bush. I heard a journalist on television ask someone if Kerry was really feeling the pressure to concede. The reply was that John Kerry wanted to do the right thing. That John Kerry has always been a gentlemen in politics and losing gracefully is important to him. I agree.
One of the reasons I have always liked Kerry is because of this trait. John Kerry is very much a gentlemen.
The main reason I do not like Bush (aside from certain policies) is because in my opinion Mr. Bush is not a gentlemen.
It is my belief that in this time in our history this country really needs a gentlemen for a leader.
Hopefully, Bush will realize this. I really need to see him act a bit like a gentlemen and reach out to all Americans by picking up that ball that he let drop four years ago.
I hope to continue these thoughts later, now I must go to work.


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