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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Holiday Gift Idea
I think this is my first post regarding this "holiday season", oh wait, I did say Happy Halloween! My first post of the November-December holiday season. I am only slightly aware that this season is upon us. I am unconsciously ignoring the newspaper fliers but I have purchased some gifts for the little ones. I think it's a lot easier to get caught up in life and forgot of such things when you don't have children of your own. Shit, I don't even have family living in the same state! My plans so far are to work Thanksgiving day and then join friends that evening. Christmas will be spent on an airplane (hoping to see a female pilot because I never have, but that's another story). My New Year's will be in Florida. The days surrounding Christmas and New Year's will be occupied by family and friends - who I can't wait to see.


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