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Sunday, November 07, 2004

The Party
I was enjoying my dinner out last night - good food, good company. A party of four sat down next to us (very close seating) and started talking about the election. My eyes rolled, I did not want to hear anymore about the election, especially from strangers and without being able to respond. I concentrated real hard on what my friend was saying and eventually tuned out the louder table of four.

I tell you this because I so did not want to talk about politics or the election yesterday or the day before but today I can't seem to stop blogging about politics and the election!

Here are three quotes that I agree with, and even have eluded to on this blog, from Democrats. (why do I feel better when some notable person says what I am saying?):

"We need to be a party that stands for more than the sum of our resentments." - Senator Evan Bayh, D-Indiana

"I just get very frustrated with the party, with how we allow ourselves to be on the defensive all the time," said State Senator Mamie Locke, D-Virginia

"I put a cowboy hat on Senator Kerry, and someone on his staff shuddered and asked me to stop. This is I think an example of the East Coast not connecting with the West Coast and with the rest of the country." - Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico.

Also, I guess I should be honest and reveal to ya'll that I am not a registered democrat, was for a number of years, but I am now a registered Independent...I think I officially made the switch when I moved West.


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