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Monday, November 08, 2004

Urban Warrior!
I put on 3 tops, a scarf, warm socks, a helmet, sun glasses, my fingerless gloves, then grabbed some water, my bike pump and went for a ride. The temperature is a bit low but too bad because it is November in Portland, Oregon and the sun is shining!

Immediately, I became aware of how long it has been since I went for a nice sightseeing bike ride (2 months maybe?). At first I was annoyed that I felt out of shape but after the first couple of minutes or so my body was into the peddling groove.

Flying down the ramps and floating walkway at the Eastbank Esplanade is so much fun. I was pumped. Not sure if it's the speed, or the noise the ramp makes when my tires hit each panel, or if it was just that I was geared up and ready for adventure. I felt like an Urban Warrior, so that was who I became!

I was a nice and respectful warrior, even slowed down for the group of pigeons that had gathered. OK, maybe not so nice to the white station wagon that had the audacity to beep at me on Milwaukee Ave. just because I was there - creep!

Alas, this warrior did not last; 4:00 was approaching and after about 80 minutes of riding my fingers and toes were getting a tad cold. It may have been a short ride but at least I have my warrior memories and some photos (very traditional) that I snapped along the way.


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