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Monday, January 24, 2005

What I liked:
Jamie Foxx did not play Ray Charles, he became Ray Charles. Foxx's musical performances of Ray are so credible you believe that you're watching Ray, not an actor portraying Ray.

Ray's mother Aretha Robinson (Sharon Warren) was a light of sunshine; played with perfect timing, strength and emotion. I was astonished to learn this is her first film. The scenes with Aretha and young Ray also served as a nice visual contrast to the rest of the film

How Ray's life events were noted with the creation of a song. This technique may sound hokey but I enjoyed the rhythm and flow it gave to the picture.

What I did not like:
Feeling uncomfortable at times with what I was seeing, part of me does not want to know this side of Ray Charles, the Ray Charles from before I was born.
At the same time I felt I was not uncomfortable enough. In retrospect I think the heroin, womanizing scenes needed more emotion and grit. Somehow they were not raw enough. They marked a point, but did not bring me in.

Some artificial/hokey dialogue.


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