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Sunday, February 13, 2005

The Ballad of Jack Rose is a film that I enjoyed. Although I feel I lack the proper words to tell you why.

In search of some inspiration I did a Google search for reviews. Most reviewers (only a handful out there at this early date) seem to dislike this film. The reasons given are not reasons I completely agree with. (I might agree with them more if I were to read their reviews before seeing the film.)

The easiest dismal is to express a dislike for the characters. I liked them all. OK, maybe that is too strong a word. I found them all to be interesting enough, that I allowed myself to let the story unfold without judging the characters or creating a like or dislike to them. Each character had depth and was acted well but they are not the type of characters that you get involved with.

Part of my openness could also be attributed to writer and director Rebecca Miller, I was willing to sit back and take in what she was trying to portray - almost listening. Jack and Rose is a film filled with messages. It’s strength is in, or could have been, what it was trying to say. Unfortunately there was not much dialogue or reflection portrayed, only bits of sharpness in the writing. The result is I am not completely sure what Miller was trying to express. It is possible that I am trying to look a bit below the surface and I should not be.

This is a film that I would see again and a film that I would to recommend people, especially indie fans.


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