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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Collateral was released this past summer, but I have only recently become aware of this movie. A couple of friends had mentioned seeing it and then the Golden Globes were announced. I knew before watching this film that Tom Cruise starred and Jamie Foxx received an Oscar and Golden Globe nomination for best supporting actor.

The character that should have been nominated, is the city of Los Angeles. The film looks beautiful. I have since learned that it was shot using high definition video instead of film. Good call. This film has such a sense of place. I was reminded of Training Day a bit, another film that made Los Angeles a main character. I loved the use of music and the camera angles. The movie had many extended scenes and great pacing. This review talks about how masterful Michael Mann was in this film better than I ever could.
The ending didn't really seem to fit with the rest, but it works for an action film.

Collateral is nominated for an Oscar in the Film Editing category. It should also be nominated for sound editing (read somewhere that it made the first cut?). Others in the Film Editing category are: The Aviator, Ray, Finding Neverland, & Million Dollar Baby.


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