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Friday, March 04, 2005

Light a Candle
In the most perfect of worlds I am still daddy’s little girl.
I am the girl that climbs on his back as he does one-arm push-ups. The little girl that rides on his handle bars as we cruise up and down Pine St. on his new shiny black ten-speed bicycle. I am the girl that curls up under the footrest of his LaZboy recliner and falls asleep to the rhythm of the Bruins game. The girl he makes Sunday breakfast for the whole family with (everyone else is attending Mass). I am the girl who follows him to the store when we are at Cape Cod; he buys a newspaper, I get a comic. It is the 1970’s and we are young, happy, and healthy.

It’s is now 2005 and Dad is not so healthy right now.

This isn’t supposed to happen yet. My Dad doesn’t get sick. Sure he has broken some bones, hurt his back and knees. He has been in the hospital twice before, but for minor things. He is pretty average; he works on keeping his blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight in check. He works on those things because that is what he needs to watch out for, what we all expect him to watch out for. What we are prepared for.

I was not prepared for a malignant tumor.

Tumors are such sneaky SOB’s. You never know when they will turn up, and when they do, they always, always, knock the wind right out of you. I am hopeful, thankful and have confidence in all the treatments now available. But I am still a bit breathless.

Could you, would you please light a candle and/or will good thoughts my father’s way? I know this is a huge favor, one that involves your spirit, but...
My Dad, dearest Dad is sick and he needs your help.
Thank You.


Good luck. Many prayers.


Man, this breaks my heart. I definitely will be keeping your dad in my thoughts with all of my spirit.
I lit a candle and prayed to God and all the angels to surround your family in light and healing. I hope that there is positive through this. Know that everything happens for a reason and hopefully it is simply a lesson to be learned.
am thinking of your dad and family; candles and good thoughts to all of you.
hugs, kisses, and much more!

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