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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Originally my weekend was to be spent in Seattle. On Thursday I canceled that trip so that I could organize & prepare for the stressful months ahead. Which would you rather do? The annoying thing is not that the weather has been absolutely amazing (69 degrees today!) but my complete lack of discipline. I set three goals this weekend. So far I've made a dent in two. This behavior is not good. Thankfully, I have been getting some things done (just not the Big Three).

Today, I've been going through papers and "stuff". I have this awful habit of setting things aside: recipes, travel articles, magazines, etc. etc. What happens is this: I set things aside, the things start to get in the way, I invite people over and don't have time to clean so I bag everything up and then stuff it in the closet or under the bed. Crazy, I know. Every once in a while I spend a day going through this shit, but I never finish. It is a vicious cycle. I really, REALLY need to purchase another filing cabinet &/or some storage containers.

Anyway, the fun part is "finding" items that I had forgotten about. Here is an excerpt from some pages I pulled out of Real Simple called Girls' Guide to "Boys" Tasks.

There are only a few things you need to know to make a martini the way a man does: Make it dry, make it gin, make it brutally cold and keep it simple.
"The quickest way to sissify a martini is to get creative," says David Wondrich author of a forthcoming book on cocktails. "Don't garnish it with a sprig of rosemary or put a splash of Frangelico in it or do anything fancy whatsoever." As for making a martini with vodka, it's certainly possible. But if it's a man's drink you are after, stick with gin and aim for a gin-to-vermouth ratio somewhere between five to one and eight to one, depending on how strong you like it. "Any more vermouth and it's unbearably watery," says Wondrich. "Any less and you might as well be drinking straight gin, which is fine but not a martini."