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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Ten Meme
For lack of anything original, it is time to meme! The object is to list ten things that you have done that you don’t think your regular readers have done. My list:

1. I crashed &/or had an accident on a tricycle, bicycle, go-cart, and an automobile.

2. Bagged Joe Perry’s (Aerosmith) and the late Mark Sandman’s (Morphine) groceries.

3. I fought off an oversexed and aggressive waiter, my waiter, in the bathroom of a restaurant in Rome, Italy.

4. Successfully drove my car across the Sunshine Skyway Bridge at 2am without knowledge of doing so. (it was so foggy I had no idea I was on it, otherwise my friend would have had to take the wheel).

5. Lived in a European castle with 2 moats.

6. Walked inside a glacier.

7. Wrote my name on the Berlin Wall.

8. Had a dozen or so people sing Happy Birthday to me from the top of Mount St. Helens.

9. Met John F. Kennedy Jr. in Provincetown, MA at a private fundraiser without spending a dime.

10. Indexed 40+ pages of docments, from the Felt Collection. In accordance with the Procedures Manual for Preservation and Access to the Massachusetts Archives Volumes as Established in the NEH grant of 1994-1996.

So, how did I do? Have you done any on my list? What's on yours?