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Sunday, April 24, 2005

My life is currently heavily focused on my responsibilities; not necessarily a bad thing, but I have been missing certain activities. A routine for one. Absent from my normal routine is blogging, regular exercise and music.
I just visited
Womenfolk for the first time in awhile - another great redesign, check it out! Also, discovered that I missed Bobby Bare Jr. at Berbati's this week (I was back in Massachusetts. My Dad is doing great!).
Bobby Bare Jr. is performing at Sasquatch! 2005. I love the lineup this year: Blue Scholars, The Dears, A.C. Newman, Bobby Bare Jr., Wilco, Jem, Pixies, & Modest Mouse, etc. Unfortunately, I am working that Saturday and I cannot get out of it. Plus, lets be serious, I don't normally go to outdoor festivals...
Off to get some exercise back into my routine before my responsibilities take over.


Glad your dad is doing so well. It's really frightening to see a parent so sick.

My dad had double-bypass surgery a few years back and is more active than ever. It's great.
Thanks Rozanne.
Happy to hear your dad pulled through too. It IS one of the greatest feelings...

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